Labor-Environment Alliance-Building

The LI builds labor-environment alliances at the local, state and national level. Our goal is to use educational programs to help forge and support lasting alliances between labor and environmental organizations and activists. We conduct train-the-trainer programs for teams of worker and environmental trainers who in turn conduct workshops for mixed groups of union members, environmental, and community activists. Training programs address environmental issues such as climate change and pervasive toxics, as well as economic and labor issues such as job fear and the concept of “just transition,” which the LI helped pioneer in partnership with the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers union, now part of the United Steelworkers. (See “Green Collar Workers,” by LI’s Jim Young, Sierra Magazine, July/August 2003.)

Partners include the United Steelworkers Tony Mazzocchi Center, the BlueGreen Alliance, which the Labor Institute helped incubate and launch and which now includes 10 major labor unions and four national environmental organizations representing 15 million members and supporters, as well as the NJ Work Environment Council (WEC), the nation’s oldest statewide labor-environment alliance, including 70 labor, environment and community organizations.

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